Doug Green is the founding pastor of North Hills Church, which began holding services in 1993.

Doug received his Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Studies/English) from Evangel College (Springfield, MO) in 1985. He received a Master of Divinity from the former California Theological Seminary (Fresno, CA) in 1990. He received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Hamilton, MA) in 2003.

He is a narrative, expository preacher.  (In other words, he explores and opens God’s Word while telling a lot of purposeful stories.)  His teaching is practical and deeply rooted in solid scholarship and careful devotion.  The weekly topics are driven by the content of the biblical text, walking through various books of the Bible, including (since 2003) Psalms, Luke, Ephesians, Genesis, Revelation, John, Judges, Ruth, Romans, Hebrews, Acts, Joshua, Philippians, and Amos.

Doug is an ordained minister (since 1990) with the Assemblies of God.  He has served in various capacities in denominational leadership, helping him see the larger picture of God’s work.  He is a trustee for Vanguard University, currently serving as the chair of the board. For almost two decades, he served as the chaplain for the Brea Police Department and loves looking for ways to partner with and serve our local community.

Under Pastor Doug’s leadership, NHC has become a vital, growing church, known in the community as servants, innovators, and huge fans of missionaries.  Doug is a guy who loves any reason to get together with other people and eat.

Doug has been married to Brenda since 1985. Brenda is actively involved in the church, serving through music and ministry to women. They have three children: Jocelyn (born in 1991), Charisse (1993), who is married to Chris Groh, and Paul (1996). The children have their father’s curiosity and their mother’s intelligence and beauty.

When given a day off, Doug would rather start a new project around the house than finish an old one. He would rather swing a hammer than a golf club, liking the satisfaction of building something good.  He loves to travel and meet new and interesting folks, especially missionaries.  He always reads the Sports section of the newspaper first, looking for the one who just had the game of his or her life.

He freely receives God’s best; never refusing God’s amazing grace.