WHAT IS A MONTHLY MISSIONS FAITH COMMITMENT? Here is how it works: our church gathers faith commitments from all parts of the congregation and we, in turn, make faith commitments to missionaries going to all parts of the world. When you tell us––by faith––you are committed to giving monthly to our collective missions fund, we in turn, tell the missionaries we will support them monthly. Simply put, we add up all the faith commitments, and with that amount, we send the funds each month to the missionaries. They go; we support them––from your pot to our pot to their pot!


HOW MUCH SHOULD MY MISSIONARY FAITH COMMITMENT BE?  There is no set amount, only a rightamount, for God honors any size gift given in obedience. Just do what He says, for He will always ask you only to do what is always appropriate. You must always remember: He has a plan for the world and calls you to participate in this plan. You ask; He answers.


WHY SHOULD I FILL OUT A MISSIONS FAITH COMMITMENT CARD? Filling out a Missionary Faith Commitment card is an act of trust, a sign of commitment, and a logistic-help for our church (we can only commit to our missionaries from what commitments we have received). The card is evidence of your commitment to the church and the church’s commitment to the world…by faith.


IF I MADE A MISSIONS COMMITMENT IN THE PAST, SHOULD I MAKE A NEW ONE NOW? Yes. Past Missions Commitments were tied to a particular time frame. Let 2023 be a time of new commitment. Ask afresh; expect fresh divine direction, fully appropriate for the coming year.


SHOULD I SUPPORT MISSIONARIES I KNOW OUTSIDE THE CHURCH? In short, you should always do what God tells you to do! Even though our church supports over a hundred missionaries, there are thousands upon thousands of worthy ones we do not. In fact, you may even be called to support missionaries on our list, but do it directly.  However, for the sake of clarity, when you send direct support to missionaries, it is apart from the collective support given through our church to fund, on a monthly basis, our list of missionaries. Consider doing both: supporting personal missionaries and supporting our church’s missionaries, too.


WILL I BE “POLICED” ABOUT MY MISSIONS COMMITMENT? No. Other than the confidential giving updates you receive by email or in the mail (a report of all your giving at NHC), nobody will contact you about your missions giving. If anybody checks up on you, it will only be the steady and comforting guidance of the Holy Spirit, who always shows up to help you succeed in all things God.


HOW CAN I MAKE A MISSIONS COMMITMENT? Do three things: (1) pray, asking God what He wants you to do, (2) listen to God’s voice, and (3) obey Him by filling out a Missions Faith Commitment card and returning it to the church via electronic means, the mail, the office, or the collected weekly offering.


IS THE MISSIONS COMMITMENT PART OF THE TITHE? No. A missions faith commitment is a spiritual agreement between you and God given monthly, by faith, above what you already give. You tithe first. You give generously next (this includes missions). You give sacrificially when called (i.e. a special offering or project once a year). This is the proper biblical order.


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)